Chapter Two


Moonlit-pondBack in the field the stunned puppies are lying where they rolled to rest at the edge of the pond.

A male puppy, pure white in colour except for a few black smudges around his eyes and at the base of his ears, is lying with the lower half of his body in the water at the pond’s edge.

Lying next to the white puppy is another male puppy with his nose right on the waterline but with his body facing away from the pond.

He’s almost the complete opposite of his brother, being jet black with a few white smudges around his eyes and ears. He also has a white tip to his tail.

A couple of feet away a third male puppy lies sprawled in the grass. His tail is hanging in the water. He is a light tan colour all over except for his nose, which is a dark chocolate brown.

A few feet further on, but still at the edge of the pond, there are two female puppies tangled together, one on top of the other.

The puppy on the top is a glossy golden brown with a white chest and tummy while her sister underneath is a rich dark mahogany brown.

She too has a white chest and tummy but in addition she also has a strange white marking which resembles a lightning fork on the top of her neck.

Barely six weeks old and only just weaned, they are all roughly six inches tall and just over twelve inches from the tips of their noses to the tips of their tails.

Their thick furry coats are around an inch long, except around their necks, the back of their legs and their tails where the hairs are up to twice as long again.

They all have shiny black noses apart from the light tan puppy with his dark chocolate brown snout.

Gradually the puppies begin to stir.

As they open their eyes and start to come to their senses, all they can see at first is the shiny black waters of the freezing pond on one side and some fuzzy large grey shadows to the other side.

As the puppies’ sight adjusts to the moonlight, the shadows darken and appear to shift and merge and take on a more eerie solid form.

A loud throaty “huff” shatters the silence and the shifting shadows start rapidly transforming into huge menacing figures towering over the cowering puppies.

The forbidding apparitions are nothing more dangerous than dairy cows, Night-cowdisturbed from their nightly slumbers by the splash of the bin bag landing in the pond and the sudden arrival of five uninvited canines in their field.

However, to the puppies in their confused and frightened state, the cows are terrifying giants.

The puppies stagger to their feet as the increasingly restless cows begin to shift their stance and occasionally stamp their hooves.

Then a series of deeper louder more irritated “huffs” fill the air, sending the petrified puppies running for their lives.

The white and black brothers scramble blindly back up the steep grassy bank towards the road, while the other three panic-stricken puppies spin round in the opposite direction and dive under the cows’ bellies.

The trio weave between the cows’ legs before dashing headlong into the field’s thick grass.

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